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All the apps you know and love, on your devices and the cloud; we've partnered with Microsoft to bring Office 365 to New Zealand businesses in affordable and comprehensive service packages. 


Why choose Office 365?

All the apps you know and
love, on your desktop,
mobile devices  and the cloud

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more. You get all your trusty Microsoft apps on your desktop, the cloud and on Apple, Microsoft and Android mobile devices. No other cloud-based suite provides the same online-to-offline experience. 


Share and Access 
Documents anywhere,
Anytime, Seamlessly

Collaborate seamlessly with your team on the cloud. Share files to clients with all formatting intact. Work on your files on the go. Office 365 saves your documents to the cloud by default, meaning you can access your files anywhere, anytime.


Always Up
to dAte

With Office 365 connected to the cloud, you always have the latest version of all apps without interfering updates. Office 365 is always compatible with older versions of your files.


EaSy, Low-Cost monthly 
Subscription Plans

No expensive upfront costs. Office 365 is available as a low-cost subscription, with your desktop, mobile and cloud-based apps all included. 

Outlook, Still the best in Managing business emails

Outlook is still the industry standard for managing, sorting and grouping emails, contacts and calendars, all with full offline access and 99.9% financially-backed uptime service guarantee. 

Secure, Private and 

Office 365 is powered by Microsoft. It's protected by a team of security experts 24/7.

Office 365 Data Migration

Migrating to the cloud is a big endeavour and comes with many
pitfalls. We'll help your business avoid migration mistakes and
save time. Titan IT specialises in data migration from any
platform onto Office 365.

Save Time. Cut Costs.
We'll Do It For You

We know the drill. Let us save you from long how-to-guides, lost data, disrupted timelines and unnecessary headaches. You can get on with your most pressing business tasks while we execute data migration for you. 

Data Integrity
and Security

We can migrate all emails, contacts and calendars from any platform to Office 365. As an add-on service, we also offer an Office 365 Email Signature Service to make sure your branding stays consistent across all emails.

Office 365 Backup

Even the cloud needs a backup. Titan IT will add a layer of protection from loss
 of cloud data with our add-on
Office 365 Backup Service. 

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