Managed Servers


Servers can be mission critical for your business, ensuring they are operating and ready to support your business. Why leave something so important to chance? Trust the experts at Titan IT to manage your servers for you.

We handle the daily maintenance and management of your operating environments, as well as enabling complete visibility into the performance of your systems and applications. Our level of expertise allows us to meet the unique requirements of your business. 

Why consider Managed Servers?


Increase Productivity

No more time wasted on IT troubleshooting. Titan will resolve your technical hardware and software issues to ensure your servers are operating efficiently.

Enhanced Reliability

At Titan IT, our certified specialists will maintain servers so they perform at their best and will consult on improvements that can be made..

Cost Reductions 

At Titan IT, our Managed Servers solution is efficient and cost-effective. 

Scheduled Maintenance and Check-ups

Titan IT will monitor and improve your hardware and software to keep it up to date.

 Server Plans 

Managed Server   Managed Server Gold 
Advanced Performance Monitoring

 Key Application Maintenance
OS & 3rd Party Management
Scheduled Maintenance
 Licence and Asset Management
Liase with Hardware Vendors and Telco to resolve issues
Managed Antivirus
Managed Backup  
Remote Support Time
Ticket Submissions
Access to Monitoring Portal
Support Times Standard Business Hours (8am - 5pm Monday to Friday)   Standard Business Hours (8am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

Interested in Managed IT?

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